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Thrifting for a Vacay (Pt. 1)

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Heyyy Good Girls! I hope you are all well, and staying motivated in the midst of this quarantine! One thing that's really keeping me going in envisioning my next vacay!

I don't know where the heck I'm going, but I'll be fully prepared with some looks I've put together for the LOW! Before the corona epidemic began, I hit up a few thrift stores and picked up a bunch of random items I felt would come in handy later.

When thrifting, you never know if something is going to be your size because half the time there's no label/tag. I got lucky with these floral pants...they were a perfect fit!

If you're not sure how to incorporate patterns into your wardrobe, finding colorful/printed bottoms like this are a great start! You can re-wear the bottoms, and make several different fits. Just focus on coordinating one or two colors out of the print at a time.

For example, with these pants I focused on the green and orange from the floral pattern. You can make the specific colors pop from the print, by matching it to a top, purse, jewelry, etc.

I'll be doing more vacay looks in the near future, but here's a breakdown of everything I wore in the full video I posted on IG.

Items listed in order of appearance in vid:

  • Floral Pants- $5.00 (Family Thrift in Houston, TX)

  • Green Shirt- $3.00 (Family Thrift)

  • Tan Sandals- $11.00 (Target)

  • Tan/Brown Woven Mini Purse- $4.75 (Family Thrift)

  • Cream/Clear Heels- $19.00 (Forever 21)

  • Orange Clutch- $3.00 (Family Thrift)

  • Green Purse- $7.00 (purchased from a seller on Poshmark)

  • Olive Green Top- $10 (H&M)

  • Orange Turban Scarf- $2.00 (local beauty supply store)

  • Shades (borrowed from Bae!

You can shop my closet of thrifted and brand new items! Check out @goodgirlsthrift on instagram or @SMoss13 on Poshmark! I'll be updating both pages weekly.

(USE THIS LINK to download Poshmark and get $10 with code SMOSS13 )

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