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Obsessed with this Elephant Blouse!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Hey Good Girls!

Ya'll know I'm always hype to find a gem while thrifting, but let's talk about the clearance/sale racks at our fav stores.

I rarely pay retail for an item, unless it's something I just have to have. As soon as I walk into a store, or browse a website, I am heading straight for clearance.

Often times, I see something I wanted in the past, but waited and now it's discounted. (That has to be one of the top 5 feelings every lol)

That's exactly how I felt when I saw this light green blouse with elephant print at Zara. It was originally $36, but I got it on sale for $12!

I mean of course, since I'm a Delta, it caught my eye lol....but the quality and oversized structure of the top made it just perfect! I'm a sucker for anything that can be worn with versatility!

Here's a breakdown of the fits from the video on IG.

  • Elephant Shirt- $12.00 (Zara)

  • Black Pants - $10.00 (H&M clearance)

  • Green Purse- $7.00 (purchased from a seller on Poshmark)

  • Black/Gold Slingback Heels- $12.00 (Seller on Poshmark)

  • Wig- Amazon ($24.00) Here's the link to this blunt cut style, color 1B (look under "Beauty") - the prices fluctuate depending on how many are in stock

  • White Pants- $6.00 (Family Thrift in Houston)

  • Orange Clutch- $3.00 (Family Thrift)

  • Black Purse- $10.00 (Seller on Poshmark)

  • White Blazer- Walmart ($8.00 on clearance)

  • Black Biker Shorts- $5.00 (Walmart)

  • Black Fedora- $16 (Amazon, purchase here, look in the apparel section)

  • Red Caged Heels- Aldo (bought those 5 years ago, & they're still a fav!)

You can shop my closet of thrifted and brand new items! Check out @goodgirlsthrift on instagram or @SMoss13 on Poshmark! I'll be updating both pages weekly.

(USE THIS LINK to download Poshmark and get $10 with code SMOSS13 )

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