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#MuseMondays - Meet Ciera

Happy Monday Good Girls!

As a huge supporter of women in business, I love celebrating female entrepreneurs, as well as others who work full time but aspire to start a business.

In the past, I had a Good Girl Series where the ladies answered a bunch of various questions about their brand. You can check out all of those past posts here.

Moving forward, keeping a similar theme, I'm starting #MuseMondays! Every Monday, I'll be shouting out women of color who have inspired me. I am a firm believer that we must lift each other up, because if we don't.....who will???

Some of my muses will be well known celebrities, others are the Good Girl Next Door. Either way, I hope that they motivate you to pursue your goals and never give up on a dream!

With that being said, meet the FIRST muse of 2020! Ciera Nichole (@faithandfinance).

When asked "What made you want to start your business?", she replied...

My passion for financial stewardship prompted me to start my business. In my early twenties I realized that financial stewardship isn’t second nature to everyone as it is to me. After college I began to help some of my family create budgets and pay down debt and soon realized I needed to “take this show on the road.” Lol.

I prayed about it for a few months and God confirmed in more ways than one that I should indeed move forward with my business. My purpose is to help women of faith create a realistic financial plan to build their savings, pay down debt and cultivate an abundant life.

When asked "What motivates you to keep going?", she replied...

The women that I’m called to impact motivates me to keep going. I understand that my choice to stay focused and pursue purpose will impact generations. It’s not easy but its definitely worth it to see women shift from financial frustration to financial peace in a matter of weeks.

As women, we have so much creativity inside of us but often times financial lack can hinder us from pursing our dreams. I’ve heard “I don’t have the money to write the book, start the business or go back to school” too many times. I teach my clients how to manage what they currently have while simultaneously pursing their dreams. It doesn’t take much. Just faith that God can and will multiply their seeds of obedience.

Stay tuned for more Good Girls in the spotlight every Monday!

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