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#MuseMondays - Meet Caressa

Heeyyyy Good Girls!

Caressa Jennings is a someone I look up to for several reasons, but one of them is her drive! As a life coach, she was already a well-respected professional, who was known for truly supporting her clients. But recently, sis took her talents a step further and launched the Caressa J Agency. From event planning to creative design, and brand management, she is an incredibly gifted and well-rounded woman.

When asked "What made you want to start your coaching & consulting agency?", she replied...

I have a passion to help women find their purpose and get through tough times in their lives. I also have a passion to help people start their businesses. I love the quote, “Someone in the world is waiting on you to answer your calling,” I had no other choice. I had to do it!

When asked "What motivates you to keep going?", she replied...

FAITH! Believing that your needs will be supplied. Also the harder life gets, the more creative you become. Use that creativity to BUILD and prosper!

You can keep up with Caressa on IG (@caressajennings) and be sure to check out her services!

Stay tuned for more Good Girls in the spotlight every Monday!

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