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#MuseMondays - Meet Brandy!

Happy Monday Good Girls!

I'm bringing you another Muse I admire, and this time she's a fellow THRIFTER. Ya'll know I love a good Bougie Budget, so when I stumbled upon her page on IG I had to follow!

Meet Brandy (@damnthatscoacoa)!

When asked "What made you want to start your business?", she replied...

I wanted to start @Damncoacoa because me being a fashion junkie, I couldn’t define myself into just one style nor could I define myself under popular trends.

My style is created upon the mood of that day and/or moment in my life. And I KNEW other women felt the same about fashion. So I wanted to create an atmosphere or a world where us #vintagelovers and true fashion lovers can thrive and get “the look” for whatever moment in your life for an affordable price !

When asked "What motivates you to keep going?", she replied...

My motivation is my need to create. Creating looks and putting together wardrobes is literally a high for me, therapy almost. And to see my clients loving and feeling good about themselves is liberating. I truly enjoy making people happy through fashion. To see an idea turn into a concept, a concept into a plan, and a plan into execution is so amazing to me. I love it!

Stay tuned for more Good Girls in the spotlight every Monday!

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