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Looks for the LOW!

Heeeyyy Good Girls!

As I continue the journey of wedding planning, I decided to start a segment called The Bougie Bride Budget. It's a section on the blog for bride-to-be's to get tips on how to minimize wedding costs, but it'll also include ideas for anyone who is trying to save money. Let's face it...we all have goals and could` be doing better with saving money.

So here's my FIRST tip, which many of you already do....GO THRIFTING! This used to be me and my bff's favorite past time in college. We were broke students that wanted to look fly for those walks around campus lol So, we learned how to put looks together for the LOW! We got so good at it, people would ask us for help lol

I recently got back into thrifting, and started documenting my trips. It's been awhile, but once I started trying things on I got right back into the groove. My biggest advice to you is to go on a day where you have a lot of free time, because you'll need patience to sort through racks!

Also, wear some leggings and a close fitting shirt if possible. This way you can easily try on items without having to go into the fitting room (sometimes thrift stores only have like 2-3 fitting rooms, and you won't feel like waiting in line). Lastly, call in advance to see what days they offer discounts. This particular store I visited has 50% OFF every Sunday!

After I made this video, I thought of another look and decided to add a red jacket and tan hat in the mix. Then I forced Bae to record me trying everything on. (Ya'll he was SO over it lol) After a good 20min of editing, I put together the first #BougieBrideBudget video you saw on my page.

Although, everything in the video wasn't thrifted (because I used a lot of items I already had in my closet) my goal was to only use things I purchased for the LOW! This wasn't hard at all, being that I RARELY pay retail price for anything! Like many of you, I love to hunt for promo codes, coupons, and random discounts. My future thrifting segments will definitely show you how to get the MOST out of your clothes and accessories. You can re-wear pieces a bunch of different ways and ultimately SAVE MONEY!

Here's the full list of the items I used and where they came from:

  • Romper- "Family Thrift" in Houston ($2.50)

  • White Blazer- Walmart ($8.00 on clearance)

  • Shades- Pretty Little Thing ($4 on sale- used a promo code)

  • Wig- Amazon ($24.00) Here's the link to this blunt cut style, color 1B (look under "Beauty") - the prices fluctuate depending on how many are in stock

  • Rose Gold Heels- Call it Spring (Ughh, I couldn't remember how much I paid, but Check them out here, they're very similar to Aldo styles)

  • Gold Cage Bag- Seller on Poshmark ($9.00)

  • Snakeskin Scarf- local beauty supply store ($3.00)

  • Snakeskin Heels- Can't remember! (had those for yearsss)

  • Grey/Gold Purse- Purchased awhile ago from a friend cleaning out her closet (can't remember how much)

  • Fedora Hat- Target ($7.00 on sale)

  • Red Jacket- H&M ($12.00 on sale)

  • Nude/Clear Heels- Call it Spring again! ($14 on clearance in store....there's one in Houston if you're near)

  • Custom Jean Jacket- The Bride Hive (received as a gift) Check them out on IG: @bridehive

  • Nah, Keep Going Bag- I made it! (sold out)

  • Gold Watch- Marc Jacobs (received as gift)

  • The ONLY thing I paid retail for were my vans! But I love leopard print, so I had to have them lol

Be sure to leave a comment below or on IG with any questions/feedback.

We can learn from each other, so don't be afraid to drop some gems for other Good Girls!

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