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I usually don't like polka dots....

Heyyyy Good Girls!

Now I usually am not the biggest fan of polka dots. I may have a little trauma from being scared by clowns as a kid lol But this blouse was a steal, I had to grab it!

Blouses like this are so versatile. You can wear them to work, church, or brunch! It's all about how you style it. Here's a quick breakdown of the fits. Be sure to drop a comment with feedback or questions on IG!

Items in Order of Appearance in IG Video:

If I don't list a price, it's because I either forgot or received item as a gift.

Polka Dot Top- $4.50 (Family Thrift in Houston)

  • Green Pencil Skirt- $10.00 (JC Penny Clearance)

  • Black/Gold Slingback Heels- $12.00 (Seller on Poshmark)

  • Orange Clutch- $3.00 (Family Thrift)

  • Black Fedora- $16.00 (Amazon, direct link here)

  • Black Purse- $10.00 (Seller on Poshmark)

  • Pink Wide Legged Pants- $20.00 (Zara)

  • Hot Pink Skinny Pants- $12.00 (Zara)

  • Michelle Obama Collage Purse- (Seller on Poshmark)

You can shop my closet of thrifted and brand new items! Check out @goodgirlsthrift on instagram or @SMoss13 on Poshmark! I'll be updating both pages weekly.

(USE THIS LINK to download Poshmark and get $10 with code SMOSS13 )

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