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Good Girls Design!

FYI: Good Girl Season is a rebirth of my blog Good Girls Finish First. (The following blog post was transferred from there, originally posted on October 3, 2019.) Enjoy!

Okay Good Girls, we are finally entering the Fall season and for many of you, it's your FAV time of year! Fashion is one of the best things about this season, as we break out our beloved boots, scarves, and dark lip sticks. This week, we are paying homage to the Good Girls who are fashion designers. There's nothing like having an original custom piece for your closet. Designers are an essential part of our culture, as they are constantly coming up with new trends. That leads me to our next Good Girl, S.Garvey (IG: @sewmehaute).

Born in Brooklyn, but raised in Georgia, she has worked tirelessly to become a self-taught fashion designer. As a current full time designer and 'professional slayer', as she likes to call it, S. Garvey is certainly a trendsetter who has a true passion for making women look and feel beautiful. Check out a glimpse of her story, and be sure to shop her collection of custom pieces!


At what age did you know you were going to be a designer?

I started drawing at a young age, and by the 4th grade I would draw outfits...that's when I knew!


What was your inspiration and purpose behind creating the S.Garvey Collection?

My inspiration starts with women, especially women of color. Our  strength, our vibrancy, the way we can make something out of nothing and still be fly! I've always loved couture and costumes, so my mission has been to infuse those design elements in ready-to-wear garments. My purpose is to be an artist and reflect the times around me, to shed light on social issues without being too literal.

______________________________________ What advice would you give ladies who want to start designing, but have no clue where to begin?

Whew! First thing I would say is, if your passion is not design, DON’T DO IT! Just like anything you start, it's fun in the beginning when it's a hobby, but when taking it to a business level...I would say learn that part first. Even finding a partner to help with that side would be great, so you can focus solely on designing. It gets tough, especially doing everything by yourself! Find your niche and create pieces that you love. ______________________________________ In a culture where so much on social media and in music glorifies a fast money/gold digger lifestyle, what has kept you from that path? (For lack of better terms...what kept you off the pole? LOL)

Ummm I tried the pole 2 nights, it was definitely NOT for me lol. I like to get my own, I have a lot of pride and it just feels better to know you can do things for yourself. That's something no one can take from you. Those flashy lifestyles may look good, but we’re only seeing that part...what about what's going on behind closed doors? It's a facade. Your name is everything and so is your soul. I would never sell my soul for earthly things. Thinking of things bigger than you... is how you stay true to self.


Was there ever a time when you considered giving up? If so, what motivated you to keep going?

Yes, there definitely has been a few trying times. At one point it seemed as if nothing was going right and I had some of the most difficult clients (from doing custom orders.) I was just irritated, confused, and felt maybe I wasn't good enough. But then I had to realize you can't please everyone! I threw myself back into my reality that designing/creating is my ultimate dream, and I can't let a few setbacks deter me. A few months after that depressed state, I moved S.Garvey into her new Atelier!!! It's amazing what a setback can do if you're strong enough to withstand, and realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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