Good Girls are Great Moms!

FYI: Good Girl Season is a rebirth of my blog Good Girls Finish First. (The following blog post was transferred from there, originally posted on May 12, 2019.) Enjoy!

In honor of Mother's Day, it's time to pay homage to some of the strongest women we know and love....MOMS! Today, you may be celebrating/remembering your mother, basking in motherhood yourself, or maybe showing appreciation to a maternal figure in your life. While we definitely love and honor our moms everyday, Mother's Day, of course, is the opportunity for us to go above and beyond in showing moms just how much they mean to us!

This week's Good Girl is Ashley Washington, a native of Midlothian, VA and graduate of Virginia State University. At just 31 yrs. old, Ashley is a full time entrepreneur, wife, and mommy of 2. She has a passion for inspiring others through her motherhood and lifestyle brand. Here's a glimpse of her journey!


How did you find the courage to walk away from working a 9-5? (Was it a swift change or a gradual process?)

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur I was in the education field. I was working as a high school special education teacher. I loved that I was making an impact on the lives of all my students. However, everyday when I came home I was completely drained. I barely had enough energy to spend time with my 3 year old daughter and my husband. There was a sudden shift in my life mid school year and I knew I wanted to own my time so I could spend more time with my daughter & husband. It was to the point that I would literally cry before entering the building at school.My heart was no longer in teaching. I knew I wanted to make an impact on the lives of people and be able to own my time and have my daughter by my side. By the end of that same school year I was able to generate full time income through affiliate marketing and I said goodbye to teaching and hello to working for myself full time as an entrepreneur.


These days, we are accustomed to seeing the glamorous side of motherhood and entrepreneurship on social media, but things aren't always perfect. What were your biggest struggles when starting out as a mother, as well as an entrepreneur? (How did you overcome?) Trying to balance motherhood and entrepreneurship is tough. It’s almost like a constant battle. Often times I feel like no one gets 100% of me (kids or business). When I first stepped into being an entrepreneur full time I only had my daughter and she was in daycare. However, I soon took her out of daycare to homeschool her and then I had my son. So now I have to balance homeschooling my 4 year old daughter, taking care of my 10 month old son and managing my business! Some days can be really tough because I feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done. But I give myself grace and I understand that motherhood and entrepreneurship is a roller coaster and I’m down for the ride lol. I find comfort in know that God placed me in this position for a reason and I’m strong enough to get it all done!

______________________________________ What advice would you have for mothers who are considering entrepreneurship, but feel like they don't know where to start?

My advice for mothers who want to step into entrepreneurship is to 1). first start by getting a notebook and write ideas down of various things you’re passionate about and potential business ideas. There’s so much power in writing ideas down on paper. 2) Next I would suggest connecting with like-minded women who are entrepreneurs to get advice. There’s room for us all to win so definitely connect and collaborate! 3) Start reading self development books on entrepreneurship. The biggest thing I’ve learned about working for myself is mindset! As an entrepreneur you have to have a mindset that is willing to push through during tough times in your business. ______________________________________ Have you ever gotten burnt out? What is your secret to maintaining balance? Yes I’ve definitely gotten burnt out and overwhelmed. I think it’s completely normal, you just have to have balance so you can bounce back. Having those self-care days are so important to creating a healthy balance of working and relaxing. ______________________________________ What's next for you and your business? (Where do you see it going in the next 3 years?)

As far as my current business, I see myself collaborating and working with major brands like Target, Old Navy, and Carter’s. I also plan on launching a business that focuses on ways to educate your child at home or homeschooling your children!

______________________________________ In a culture where social media and music seems to glorify a fast money/gold digger lifestyle, what has kept you from that path? For lack of better terms...what kept you off the pole? LOL

I understand that fast money isn’t always the best money. So I’m creating long standing businesses for myself and my family. I want to pass these businesses down to my daughter and my son. Also, I do my best to align myself with God and my purpose. I’m just following God’s lead for my life.


As we all know the road to success is not always easy, what motivates you to keep going?

My children and my husband are my motivation. They motivate me to keep going to create generational wealth for my family!

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