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Don't Sleep on the Men's Section!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Heeeyyy Good Girls!

I am back with more tips on how to slay on a BUDGET! The next time you're thrifting or browsing through clearance, be sure to check out the men's section. You're bound to find a good loose fitting pair of jeans.

If you're a curvy girl, you will definitely appreciate this, because finding "boyfriend style" jeans -that actually fit- can be a struggle at times. I fluctuate between a 10 and 12 in jeans, so I get super annoyed when trying to find a loose fit that doesn't completely take away my shape.

When I stumbled upon these camo pants, I was a bit hesitant because they were a straight legged/wide cut, which I don't usually like. Plus they looked like high-waters, which was another turn off lol. But when I tried them on, I liked the loose fit, decided to just cuff the bottoms and....WALLAH! I found a gem!

Here's a breakdown of the looks from the full video on instagram Be sure to leave a comment on IG with your questions or feedback!

Items listed in order of appearance in video:

  • Camo Pants - $6.50 (Family Thrift in Houston)

  • Orange Clutch- $3.00 (Family Thrift)

  • Off Shoulder Crop Top- $10.00 (Pretty Little Thing Clearance)

  • Snake skin heels- can't remember, had them forever

  • Wig- Amazon- $24.00 ~ Here's the link to this blunt cut style, color 1B (look under "Beauty") - the prices fluctuate depending on how many are in stock.

  • Burnt Orange Blazer- Missguided (they almost always have a promo code online)

  • Burnt Orange Body Suit- Asos (they randomly have affordable gems in their clearance section)

  • Cream/Clear Heels- $19.00 (Forever 21)

  • Gold Cage Bag- $9.00 (Seller on Poshmark)

  • "Empowered Women" Crewneck- purchased from @loutherealtor_ on IG

  • Red mini purse - Forever 21

  • Nike Low Top Air Force Ones- Kids Foot Locker

  • Faux Leather Jacket- Zara

  • Nah, Keep Going. Bodysuit- by me! (sold out)

  • Black Pointy Studded Boots- fashion nova (purchased way BEFORE I found out they steal everything and decided to boycott them lol)

  • VUU Crewneck - Virginia Union's bookstore (received as gift)

  • Green Purse- $7.00 (purchased from a seller on Poshmark)

  • Fedora Hat- $7.00 (Target on clearance)

  • Shades- borrowed from bae

You can shop my closet of thrifted and brand new items! Check out @goodgirlsthrift on instagram or @SMoss13 on Poshmark! I'll be updating both pages weekly.

(USE THIS LINK to download Poshmark and get $10 with code SMOSS13 )

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